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Home > News > Haul Out Day - Information / Waiver
Home > News > Haul Out Day - Information / Waiver

Haul Out Day - Information / Waiver

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Published 3:36pm on 19 Oct 2019


***NEW THIS YEAR --- If you require assistance with hauling your boat out of the water and you are NOT an ACSA member, you are required to pay a $50 Coordination Fee to the coordinating association, Alum Creek Sailing Association. Please pay online by Friday, October 25 at the NautiShop.

IN ADVANCE OF HAUL OUT DAY! Do yourself, and all the volunteers, a favor and check your trailer and boat for preparedness - AT LEAST A WEEK, or at minimum, a few days prior to haul out. This list is a great guideline. If you are joining the club assisted haul out, you must read, adhere, and acknowledge this document. You can download and/or print this as a PDF by clicking on the document link at the bottom of this page. I could be very helpful to have on hand.

Trailer Prep: CHECK YOUR TRAILER IN ADVANCE OF HAUL OUT DAY!! (Do not depend on volunteers to help fix your trailer on the day of haul out.)

  1. Check air pressure in trailer tires. (Tires on an empty trailer can look inflated, until loaded with a 2000lb boat)
  2. Check trailer winch cable or strap. If cable is frayed, replace it as it can cut fingers and hands severely. If strap is worn and frayed, replace it.
  3. Lubricate trailer winch; gears, check paws, and replace springs if weak or broken.
  4. If hauling long distance, check condition of axle bearings. An easy assessment method is to drive the trailer about 5 miles at highway speed; then get out and touch each bearing hub for heat. If warm or hot, have your bearings greased with barium grease, and repacked before towing.
  5. Know your trailer hitch ball size; ie. 1-7/8"; 2", or 2-5/16"
  6. Lubricate your trailer hitch locking mechanism. (the part that clamps onto the trailer hitch ball)
  7. Bunks with carpet hide rotten lumber underneath. Check thoroughly before loading your boat
  8. Know your bunk adjustment method, and have correct tools on hand to adjust nuts/bolts
  9. Assure that lights on your trailer are working
  10. Check license plate for current year sticker

Boat Prep:

  1. When you are done sailing for the season, remove your boom and all sails before leaving ACSA marina, so your mast is prepared to drop once your boat is hauled out of the water.
  2. Make sure that your engine is functional and dependable.
  3. Make sure you have enough fuel to get to the ramp; and plan enough to circle, while waiting for others to load, if necessary.



  1. Know your boat and trailer before attempting to haul out. Communicate special considerations, or problems to those assisting you.
  2. Dress warmly, anticipate getting wet; consider layering clothes or bringing a change of clothes. Unanticipated problems can cause very long days.

Personal Haul Out Checklist

  1. Haul out roster, with cell phone numbers listed
  2. VHF radio(Channel 69); & cell phone
  3. A tool box - with pliers, a knife, extra parts.
  4. Zip ties, or bungie cords for securing lines and rigging
  5. Extra lines
  6. A ladder tip: a study step ladder in the water beside the trailer on the ramp provides a dry transition step from at the ramp to trailer tongue (to crank the boat onto the trailer) without getting feet wet
  7. Trailer winch handle
  8. Straps or chains, as needed
  9. Tire chocks
  10. If engine secured with a lock - bring the engine key.
  11. If dropping your mast- mast crutch, and pulpit supports
  12. If power washing - deck brushes, and foul weather gear

Prep/ Leaving the Marina

  1. Try to stay on schedule with your assigned ramp time. Call Haul Out Coordinator if you'll be late.
  2. Wear a life vest.
  3. Consider which side of the haul out-ramp that you will approach. Tie dock lines and fenders to the appropriate side, before your arrival at the ramp. Secure dock lines to boat cleats, and position to avoid possible tension on stanchions and stays.
  4. Have anchor / anchor line secured, and ready for use, if needed
  5. Tune to channel 69 if you have a VHF radio aboard; if not, have a cell phone & haul out roster (with all cell numbers listed) on board.
  6. Remove dock lines from ACSA dock when making final departure from the marina

Ramp Approach and Haul Out

  1. Stay inside channel markers while leaving the ACSA marina, and approach the ramp straight on; cutting a diagonal to the ramp will cause you to run aground
  2. Consider the effect of wind speed / direction when making final approach
  3. Raise your center board before attempting to approach your trailer.
  4. Have stern and bow lines ready to toss to helpers when you reach the ramp
  5. Raise your rudder, if necessary, once on the trailer and before hauling up the ramp.
  6. Stand clear of ramp and well as boat is being hauled up, to avoid injury if boat is not well secured.

Use of Mast Raising System

  1. Remove your boom and all sails before heading to the Mast R/L system to lower your mast.
  2. When approaching to the Mast R/L system, go all the way to the turn- around at the end of the road; and then head back towards the Mast R/L area
  3. Stay in the center of the road as the trees protrude out at the top and will clip your mast and forestay.
  4. Line up, and drop your mast. Call for assistance, if unsure of how to use it.

Power Washer and Storage

  1. Boats stored at Acres Aweigh have access to a power washer on site.
  2. Please donate $5 to cover use of the power washer; the donation box is located on the fence, on the south side of the power washing station.


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